At CB Services, we can fix your computer!


CB Services is a low-cost, high quality technology service provider. We do this by eliminating the corporate overhead of most larger businesses. When you go to a big box store to get your computer repaired, you pay $80 per hour, of which only $10 goes to the technician. What kind of a technician can you get for $10 an hour?

The rest of your money goes to pay for flashy advertising, multiple layers of managers, and a corporate head office that may not even be in your country.

In the process, business decisions are not made based on what will make the company the most money, but what makes the best technical sense for the customer.  CB Services is run by technical expertise, not marketing.


Consider that the number of personal records stolen in data breaches from a company or organization since January 2005 has reached over 150% of the population, and identity theft is at an all time high.

Specializing in data security, CB Services can help ensure that your critical and confidential business data will not be leaked out to identity thieves, or the competition.

In fact, in the entire history of CB Services, no company that's been following our advice for data security has ever had a data breach.  How many technology companies can say that?


Remote Support: As long as your computer will turn on and connect to the Internet, problems such as spyware and viruses, driver installs, and basic training can be handled with our remote support service. You don't need to take your computer anywhere.


A leading Linux system builder in London, Ontario, we have technicians certified in Linux, Windows 95/98/Me, and Windows NT/2000/XP, as well as networking, and other high-end information technology requirements.